Our Approach

At Alante, we back innovative companies across the lifecycle of apparel, and connect them with retailers & established brands looking to actively integrate sustainability into their businesses. We seek out early-stage companies with high-quality teams that are solving critical issues in the apparel industry.

Investment Verticals


  • New bio-based materials
  • Waterless dyeing & clean processing chemistries
  • 3D and digital design solutions to reduce waste in product development
  • Distributed manufacturing


  •  B2B SaaS technologies to improve supply chain & inventory management, predictive analytics, and support e-commerce
  • Sharing economy platforms
  • Sustainable shipping and packaging

Waste Recovery

  • Apparel waste recycling chemistries
  • Sorting technologies and re-sale platforms

Value Creation

We work hard to ensure that we execute investments in a timely manner, from due diligence to close. In addition to capital, we provide portfolio companies with strategic support.


We work with companies to redesign or strengthen their operations in preparation for scale. We ensure systems are in place, & that hiring & capital expansion plans are prepared.


We work with companies to improve their impact tracking. Together, we design simple metrics that say a lot. We work to ensure that metric collection is embedded into operations so that impact can be tracked & measured over time.

future investments

We work with companies to ensure that they are ready to raise additional capital & then make key introductions to later stage or strategic investors.

access to markets

When companies are ready to grow their customer base, we connect them to established brands & retailers, and facilitate small-batch purchase orders, campaigns or partnerships.


We believe that it takes an eco-system of actors working together to bring about systemic change. If you are interested in partnering more, we'd love to hear from you.

 Leather tanneries in Fez, Morocco.   Photo by: Leslie Harwell

Leather tanneries in Fez, Morocco.  Photo by: Leslie Harwell