The February Update

We certainly have a lot to be excited about this year, starting with our two new additions to the Alante team!

We are pleased to welcome Eileen Fisher to the team as a partner and investor. Eileen is the Founder and Chairwoman of the eponymous womenswear label and a 30+ year industry veteran, as well as being widely renowned for her leadership in and commitment to environmental and social sustainability in her own company. If you'd like to learn more about her incredible work in the industry, we've included her full bio below. 

We met Eileen at a time where she was deeply considering what tangible steps she could take to back industry-wide transformation across the lifecycle of textiles and apparel. Our alignment of approach towards investing in innovative, early-stage companies solidified our mutual agreement that together, we can build a truly transformative portfolio.

In March, we also will welcome Jackson Scher as our Analyst. Jackson joins the team after spending three years at Quona Capital, a VC firm decoupled from Accion, focused on tech-enabled financial services for underserved populations in emerging markets. Jackson has been an active member of the impact investing community throughout his career and has a passion for scalable solutions that can have measurable environmental and social impact. He is a graduate of Williams College, with a B.A. in Economics and a concentration in Environmental Studies. Jackson will be relocating from Washington, D.C. to Santa Barbara in the spring.

We are excited for what's to come and would love to connect further.

All the best,

Leslie & Karla 

Eileen Fisher



Eileen Fisher is the Founder & Chairwoman of EILEEN FISHER, INC. 

In 2016, the company became the largest women’s fashion organization to be certified a B Corporation, having met high criteria for social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. EILEEN FISHER is the largest B Corp in the state of New York. In 2015, the company announced VISION2020 a bold 5-year plan that addresses sustainability and human rights. In keeping with Eileen's belief in collaboration, VISION2020 calls for co-leading with other brands to transform the fashion industry. 

Given Eileen’s commitment to the development and growth of the whole person, she recently launched LIFEWORK - a personal transformation initiative that invites participants to explore purpose, mindfulness, and embodiment through a variety of online and in-person workshops and events. LIFEWORK programs are offered to company employees, business organizations and the public. 

In 2017, Parsons New School of Design honored Eileen at their annual gala for her work in sustainability. Eileen was selected to join the Steering Committee for New York State's Inaugural Council on Women and Girls. Launched by Governor Andrew Cuomo, the committee was formed to ensure that government policies and programs protect women's rights and equality advancement in the state. Eileen was presented the Force for Good Award by the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy (CECP) in February 2016. She is a 2012 inductee into the Social Venture Network Hall of Fame. 

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Alante is a venture capital fund investing in innovative companies that radically improve environmental or social sustainability within the textile & apparel industry.

Over the past decade, clothing prices have hit record lows while production continues to soar, resulting in an exponential increase in environmental & social costs. The challenges of managing opaque supply chains have allowed for forced labor, unsafe working conditions & toxic dumping to be outcomes of the clothes we wear. Companies are actively developing & integrating new solutions to make the lifecycle of apparel safer, cleaner, & more sustainable.

We intend to help them do it.

Brand & consumer demand, alongside supply chain pressures, are rapidly driving a shift towards sustainable apparel. Alante partners with brands to understand their sustainability bottlenecks & requirements, informing our process to invest in companies that provide viable solutions.

Investing across the lifecycle of apparel in innovations in production, distribution and waste recovery, we seek scalable solutions that leave lasting, positive impacts on people & the planet. We aim to increase ethical sourcing in the apparel industry by helping to bridge the gap between the newest innovations and the largest brands on the market. At Alante, we make it easier for brands of all sizes to produce and sell the ethical apparel that consumers are increasingly demanding.