About what we do 




Alante is a venture capital fund backing innovative companies that radically improve social and environmental sustainability in the textile & apparel industry.

Over the past decade, clothing prices have hit record lows while production continues to soar, resulting in an exponential increase of social & environmental costs. The challenges of managing opaque supply chains have allowed for forced labor, unsafe working conditions & toxic dumping to be outcomes of the clothes we wear. Companies are now actively working to create safer, cleaner, & more sustainable supply chains.

We intend to help them do it.

We partner with brands to understand their sustainability bottlenecks & requirements, informing our process to invest in companies that provide viable solutions.

We invest in innovations across production, distribution and waste recovery, that leave lasting positive impacts on people & the planet. We aim to increase ethical sourcing in the apparel industry by helping to bridge the gap between the newest innovations and the largest brands on the market. At Alante, we make it easier for brands of all sizes to produce ethical fashion and for consumers to buy it.